Cannabis Common Sense #959:

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Cannabis Common Sense in October of 2018 here in Portland, Oregon. We talked about many things, including cannabis suppositories. There is a brilliant clip with and interview with Rick Simpson on cannabis oil that is KEY. 

Making Cannabis Suppositories:

Dr. Paula-Noel Macfie is an Indigneous Science researcher and educator in Oregon, who demonstrates easy step-by-step instructions for making cannabis suppositories. PLEASE NOTE: there are errors in the mgs in the video. Please see comments below the video.

Cannabis and Cancer:


Dr. Christina Sanchez is a molecular biologist in Madrid, Spain - whose research led to the finding that THC kills cancer cells!

Making cannabis oil:

Rick Simpson from Canada, a well known advocate and educator of the healing properties of Cannabis. Here is his video on making cannabis oil. 

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