Dr. Paula-Noel Macfie and Back Door Medicine™ is dedicated to providing access to plant-based nutrition and plant medicine education, along with cannabis suppository education. While navigating your present health conditions under the care of a naturopath or medical doctor, Back Door Medicine™ and Dr. Paula-Noel Macfie supports the whole process of the lifestyle of the individual, with a large focus on plant-based nutrition and lifestyle plant medicine. I am here to support, consult and educate though sharing my research and what has worked for me. I am both a navigator of health challenges and a decolonizing researcher.


Short bio:


Dr. Paula-Noel Macfie’s ancestors arrived in Oregon in 1859 from Co. Cork, Ireland and also has ancestors from Iona + Colonsay Scotland. Her tribe is Macdhubhsidhe (Dark Faeries of Peace) and from the Dalridian clans of northern Ireland and the west coast of Scotland. Her ancestors are Seal People (selkie) and clan tree is Oak.


She has been a community land trust owner in Portland, Oregon through Proud Ground since 2012. Paula-Noel has a PhD in Recovery of Indigenous Mind and has taught PSU in the Conflict Resolution Department. She was one of the last research assistants for the late Dr. Roy L. Swank and studying plant-based nutrition and research with Dr. Swank for multiple sclerosis.  

Along with becoming an innovator in plant-based lifestyle medicine for MS, TBI and gifted/autistic brains, she started a business in 2015 called Back Door Medicine™. Her mission is to provide access to decolonizing research methods while specializing in plant-based education and plant medicine research, advising and consultations. She has been a business Microenterprise client of NAYA (Native American Youth and Family Association www.nayapdx.org) and she is a member of the Oregon Native American Business Chamber.

She has served as a Resident Ambassador for Grounded Solutions Network since 2017, giving voice for mental health, low-income and disabled single parents. She is an inventor and currently holds a patent for a suppository mold for people with limited use of their hands.

Dr. Paula Noel Macfie currently serves on the Oregon Cannabis Commission's Research Subcommittee and Patient Care Subcommittee, 

bringing decolonizing methodologies and indigenous science systems thinking to reworking and reframing the medical cannabis program for the state of Oregon and beyond.